VC York Members WhatsApp Group

Hello everybody. As discussed in the September club meeting last week, we’re setting up a VC York members WhatsApp chat group for the purpose of arranging and discussing rides and events. I’ll be contacting you all shortly by way of an invitation to the chat group.

All you’ll need in order to be part of the group is:

  • The WhatsApp app (Available for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Mac and PC - Download WhatsApp
  • To be a paid-up member of VC York - Non-members and lapsed members will not be added to the group.

Members will be receiving an email and/or text message this Friday (21st September) with a link to join the group. In the meantime, please download WhatsApp using the link above and sign up to their service (it’s free). That’ll make it easier to add you to the group.

Hopefully this group will help people to arrange their weekend and weekday riding and to discuss plans. It will be especially useful in arranging the new off-road weekend club rides, since those need route and location information to be discussed and shared.

Let’s try to keep it to relevant, ride-related chat. If you want to create your own separate chat groups for general chat, that’s fine, but for it to be beneficial to the whole club, this group needs to stay on topic and relatively low volume.

If you have any problems with the WhatsApp group (joining/leaving, etc.), get in touch with me by email.

Likewise, if you’re a current member of VC York and you haven’t received your WhatsApp invite in the next day or so, let me know and I’ll rectify it. It’s possible I don’t have everybody’s most current contact details.