Base Rides, Big Flaps and Kit Discount

Winter Base Rides have started

Our winter base miles series of Saturday club rides is underway. Every Saturday for the next 5-6 weeks we'll be running 4-5 hour non-stop (well, maybe a shop stop) steady club ride to build base fitness for the season ahead. The routes are put together by Chris 'Mr Maps' Clark and the pace is moderated. These are rides that everyone should be able to attend. There is no smashing it. Any attempt to push the pace on will be shouted down. The goal here is to challenge yourself with endurance, not power or speed.

The rides started last weekend with a 150km loop South East to Brough. It wasn't without incident as we experienced numerous mechanicals and punctures. It's important, especially at this time of year when the roads are bad) that bikes are well maintained and that spare tubers and the means to inflate them are carried.

This coming Saturday (13th January), the plan is to go into the North York Moors, around Levisham and Dalby Forest. Here's the proposed route.

The weather and salty roads can take their toll on components if you don't take proper care of your machine. Avoid on-ride mechanical issues by cleaning and lubing everything beforehand. It's for everyone's benefit.

Speaking of 'for everyone's benefit'

Big flaps. Mudguards are obviously mandatory on club runs in the winter. We don't have a club charter but if we did, this would be in it. The problem is that most off-the-shelf mudguards are only designed to keep the rider clean and lack the length to protect the rider behind.

So, we fit #bigflaps. You'll see these on the back of many of the VC York club members' bikes and they make a huge difference to your popularity in a group.

Fit an extension to your back mudguard to get it as close to the ground as possible and you'll avoid soaking the rider behind you in salty, muddy water from the road. If you want to save some pennies, flaps can be cut from a plastic tub or an old water bottle and bolted or riveted into place. Or if you don't mind spending a few quid, you can even get custom designed flaps from RAW. Personally, I use an Ass Saver riveted to the bottom of mine and it's excellent.

Seriously. Do this and people won't hate you *.

Club kit discount expires on 15th January

You should have all had emails about the club kit (available to buy at any time for club members from NoPinz. If you haven't got the emails with the login details, let me know and I'll sort you out.

NoPinz have given us a fantastic 10% discount code which can be used until the 15th January. If you're thinking about buying kit, now's the time!

To get the discount, enter the code VCYORK18 at checkout.

With NoPinz, we keep the store open permanently and you don't have to wait until the whole club places an order just to buy a pair of socks. If you want something at any time, you can go and buy it. It'll be delivered straight to you, generally within 28 days.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me and I'll try to help.

Cheers, and see you on the road,


* Some people might still hate you. VC York cannot guarantee people will not hate you.