VC York Weekly Bulletin - 28th July, 2017

Recent News

Jonny Apaloo finished the month in style last week. Here's his report of his last two races:

End of a busy month for me, 4th in the NYERRL on Thursday at Kirby Misperton - fairly quick night with the usual 'drag race' up the hill to cross the line. I timed my sprint a little earlier than previously and kept ahead of the pack but just didn't quite catch the next couple of riders who rolled in 2nd and 3rd.

Then managed a disappointing 6th at Beverley on Friday night. I say disappointing, the bell was supposed to signify 5 laps to go and some kids decided to ring the bell on each lap, so quite a few of the leading bunch were not aware it was the last lap! I was about 8th wheel and when we realised, all hell broke loose, basically sprinting for the line with approx 100m to go. I manage to pass a couple of riders and claim 6th.

With both races, its given me 12 points so enough to get my 2nd cat before the end of July, which was my target.

Pete Hook had a couple of TTs last week. On the Rossington Wheelers 25, he had to say:

One to forget for me really; basically felt rubbish and didn't go under the hour :(

He made up for it with a (provisional) win at the Clifton hilly 10 on the 27th.

Chris Clark took a very respectable 9th place against the best riders in the country in the MTB XC National Championships at Cannock Chase on Sunday.

Upcoming Events

Jonny's next race isn't until the 3rd of August when he'l take part in the 8th round finale of the NYERRL at Brandsby Bank. It's the full Brandsby Bank climb to finish, so it should be a good one.

Chris is back in action this weekend with a second chance at a National title in as many weeks in the MTB Marathon National Championships on the Isle of Man.

Pete Hook is on the lookout for a partner for the Duo Normande 2-up TT in France on the 25th September. If anyone fancies it, get in touch with him (or with me and I'll put you in touch).

Go well and stay safe, lads.