VC York Weekly Bulletin - 26th April 2017

Here’s your weekly VC York bulletin:


Pete Hook rode the Otley 25 on Sunday, taking a time of 59.57.

Bad luck in road races this week. Rob Pape raced in the Sloan Trophy but hit a pothole in the first lap, causing his bars to rotate and ending his race. Tim Jackson was in his second race of the season at Greetland, Halifax. A broken spoke after three laps put paid to his efforts.

Chris Clark and Neil Kerry were both at the Dirty Reiver gravel race. Chris finished the 200km in 8hrs30 having tackled nearly 4000 metres of climbing.


Rob and Tim were in the Chevin handicap race at Bishopswood on Tuesday night. More details to follow in next week's bulletin.

Pete Hook and Jonny Apaloo will be racing at the Pennypot RR on Thursday. They're hoping it doesn't snow.

Pete Hook will also be in the Yorkshire Coast TT on Saturday.

Good luck, lads.


Chaingangs continue as normal on Tuesday and Thursday. Meet at 6pm at the deliveries entrance to B&Q on Osbaldwick Link Road.

Make sure you're in the correct group for your ability so you and everybody else can get the best training session. Keep it smooth, call out potholes and cars, be very careful at junctions and speak to eachother throughout. If somebody is surging, let them know, and if somebody tells you you're doing something wrong, it's not personal and it's for the good of the group.

Above all, obviously, stay safe and have a good ride.

Keep the race updates coming. Good luck in your upcoming races and stay safe on the roads.