AGM Minutes - 20th March 2016

This past Sunday saw the VC York AGM at Brigantes. Minutes are outlined below:

  1. Subs for the year are £10 and to be paid this March - now set annually in March. Next years payment to be decided in 2017.
  2. For those who did not pay please can you pay direct into the account stating your name - I will provide this in due course.
  3. Chain gang starts next Tuesday usual place – 12 per gang – numbers to be controlled and captain to try and maintain order to be set at the start.
  4. Weekend rides going well.
  5. No new members since last time.
  6. Agreed to keep the same secretary and treasurer – (thanks Tom) – proper elections next year.
  7. Ian has a whole load of cups that the club used to present each year. Once I have the details we will put them on the site and have presentations at the end of the year.
  8. Ian has agreed to run the reliability ride this year. Same route except turn left at the mast rather than right. Thanks to Ian. Agreed to set on line payment at £8 with a prize entry – Rapha – Jamie to organise. £10 on the day – numbers limited to 100.
  9. Nick is going to approach the council in respect of the bench for Pete Longbottom. It needs attention. Hopefully the council will be able to sort – club may be asked to contribute- we will wait for Nick to report back.
  10. February 2018 is the 20-year anniversary of Pete’s death and agreed to organise a ride with a meal at the end.
  11. Dom to look into arranging a club hill climb during the summer and if successful to approach CTT to set one up for 2017.
  12. Martin asked about YCF – no approach for marshalling yet, but will forward on once I know.
  13. Pete to organise a date for 60 mile dirt ride at the end of April around the Paris Roubaix date.
  14. Jamie suggested another trip to Roubaix or Tour of Flanders.