VC York Kit Store Open For New Year Orders

Happy new year, everybody!

There's been significant interest in recent weeks in re-opening the kit store so that new members, members who missed out previously and members who ordered the wrong sized kit (Xavi!) can get their club kit in good time for the new season.

I've spoken to Darran at Champion Systems and arranged for the store to be re-opened from now (8th January) until midday on Monday 1st February. Once the order is completed we'll have delivery of it by 4th March (ChampSys are rocking it on short turnaround times).

More good news: I've negotiated a 5% discount on all orders, which is the equivalent of free shipping. This discount will show up in your basket when you order.

Login details are the same as before: 

Go to our log-in page: and enter the following details in the RIGHT hand log-in option "Access to Team Store":

If you've logged in before, use the login you created last time. If you're a new customer, enter the following login details and then create your account.

Username: vcyork
Password: vcyorkkit

Before you order, make sure you know what size you need. As in the VC York Facebook group or on a club run for fitting advice from people who already have ChampSys kit. There were some problems last time for people who had assumed they knew what they were getting. The sizing can be odd depending on the garment.

The order window will close promptly at midday on 1st February in order for us to hit the order window. Please ensure you get your order in by then.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me on twitter (@veloclubyork) or on facebook, or if you really prefer, in real life.