A Resounding Success - VC York Autumn Reliability Ride

This past Sunday (25th October 2015) saw our Autumn Reliability Ride. A 120km tour of the Yorkshire Wolds raising money for St Leonard's Hospice. We're very pleased to report that it was a resounding success.

As we set up the sign-on desk at York Sport Village we had no idea how the day would unfold. Only 26 had pre-registered online for the ride so we could only cross our fingers and hope that more turned up on the day. We needn't have been too concerned though as before long riders were rolling down the hill towards the HQ and registering in droves.

By just after 9am, we had more than 80 people registered and ready to start the ride. Amazingly, the riders were able to roll out as one enormous peloton and ride at least the first part of the route together. The wind was in favour and the riding was organised and safe.

The route was excellent. Picturesque, challenging and mercifully light on motor traffic for the most part. The myriad punctures endured after a particularly rough and thorny descent into Thixendale didn't seem to dampen spirits, rather giving an opportunity to chat and laugh.

Double Puncture

Double Puncture

Puncture, and another puncture in the background. There were 10 punctures within four miles for this group.

Puncture, and another puncture in the background. There were 10 punctures within four miles for this group.

A number of riders, having exhausted their puncture repair supplies, decided to pick a shortened route back to base, ending their day early and for those that remained, a later than expected finish was in store.

A great success

Here's some stats from the ride that demonstrate what a terrific success it was:

  • Entrants: 84
  • Starters: 82
  • Finishers: 68
  • Earliest Registration of Completion: 13:00
  • Latest Registration of Completion: 1550

We've raised a good amount for St Leonard's Hospice (the final count will be announced in due course). Well done and thank you too all involved. If you'd like to learn more about St Leonard's Hospice or to donate, visit the St Leonard's Hospice website.

By all accounts though, an excellent day was had by all. Here's a snapshot of some of the reactions we saw on Twitter after the ride:

A great day was had by all and a good deal of money was raised for a fantastic charity. We'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who rode, and a special thank you to Ian Holmes who worked so hard organising the event and then sat in the hut at York Sport all day running the HQ.